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Our Alternative Lifestyle Coaching Programme provides a laser focus on the areas you need to work on with solution-oriented goal setting by an expert coach to help you tap into your inner resources to achieve them as well as sign-posting areas for development.  Our fantastic prices are geared for those in transition without compromising quality.

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What is Alternative Lifestyle London

We are in the business of lifestyle design.  At ‘Alternative Lifestyle London’ we believe that downtime is important.  That means downtime from working not downtime from life!  There is so much to see, do, explore and creating space for that to happen is crucial to get the best out of life.  What good is replacing one rat-race for another where you are your own boss and still have not created space for other things?  This is not just a philosophy, but a real practical concern.  It means looking at logistics, simplifying and the one thing that so many new businesses fall down on:  Cash-flow!  We will help you avoid the pitfalls and lend experience to equip you with the necessary skills to give the best chance of success for your new venture.

Why ‘Lifestyle’

Alternative Lifestyle London plans to provide a platform for alternative lifestylers worldwide and offer global adventuring opportunities for its community.  So why ‘London’?  London is a truly amazing city.  It is eclectic, diverse and teaming with life in every nook and cranny.  It is not one thing, but a collective that caters for every taste.  As the capital, it also has the pitfalls of rat-race living with all the trimmings!  That’s where we can help to make the best of it. London is a symbol of culture, energy and a hub of creativity and entrepreneurship.  It is such a draw; an awesome town to come to and perfect place to gather before adventuring out of.

Why ‘London’? Developer@yahoo.com

Ask anyone what “alternative lifestyle” means to them and you will get a different answer.  The way it is meant here is for people who want to follow their passion both in and out of work.  Instead of sticking with the 9-5 career path when it is not working anymore for you, why not explore the alternative.  In a deeper sense, there is a growing sense of dissatisfaction with the world.   Going up the ladder of success, making money and falling into the trappings of living the high life can leave a sense of something being missed.  However, it can seem that the more we try to solve that or fulfill our wishes, the more fulfilment and peace eludes us.  Alternative Lifestyle London accompanies those on a deeper quest, or those for whom the search has already ended.  It has no agenda but can provide a way in to look at the deeper questions.  As such, it is radically different from any other coaching programme as it is not based on pandering to the ego.



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About us

AlternativeLife.Style is a platform for Alternative Lifestylers which is seeking to support the needs of creative and entrepreneurial people who want to make some kind of change in their lives.

Alternative Life.Style is the first community built on non-dualistic ideas.  This means no agenda or ideology, just simple solution focused tools that will work, mentoring and coaching to help you get there and a bunch of cool people doing amazing things to hang out with or get inspired by.

Alternative Life.style is our official web-page and you can find us on Facebook at Alternative Lifestyle London.  Come and like our page and share our posts.  We are hoping to grow organically and want to hit the ground running!

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