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Neil from Alternative Lifestyle shares a memory

I want to say something deep. This is deep. 26m below the surface. And it may look alien and feel different. Cool Caribean water without a wet-suit in Mexico. But it is the same stuff. The energy of what this is never changes. It appears differently. Literally, energy appearing as anything and everything.

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Alternative lifestyling is in the business of stories. You can change the narrative of your apparent life but it will still be you living it. So at best, at the very best, all we are doing is window dressing. Now, on a good day that can look really good. I grew up in Baker Street, London. You could travel anywhere in the world and people would know the exact street you came from. “Sherlock Holmes right?” (insert American, Australian, European accent here). Now on Baker Street we have Selfridges and every Christmas my mum would take me to see the themes in the windows. It was magical. That’s all that life is. Windows in Selfridges. Sometimes they are closed for re-dressing, other times its fashion or home and then there’s magical days when its Christmas. Life is appearing (and disappearing) in a myriad of ways and what people do is they get busy in the story, the drama. They aren’t content with being actors, they want to be directors. Every now and then the thin film that masks the natural reality stops spooling and we get a glimpse. That glimpse has no separate doer and it is seen clear as day that there never was. But I can’t tell you this. In a way its innately known already. However, it is possible to come along to a meeting about this and talk about it. Sometimes those meetings yield fruit, but that is putting a spin on it. This is deep stuff and operating at a totally different level which you will never get, its fundamentally ungettable. Wander over to Seeking Nothing on Facebook or checkout for more information and YouTube clips and find out about forthcoming events in London.

Back to window dressing. I like stories. And what better story do we have than the one about trying to make our life work. So if Alternative Lifestyle London can help, if it can provide the magic ingredient to actually do the thing you need or get you out of a rut or break through that outmoded mindset then in a way, it is not just in the business of stories, its destroying the story. But, that’s just another story . And while there is someone there who has a vested interest in their separate identity, don’t worry, because another story is sure to come and take its place. A better story. A really cool story. One with bells and whistles on. For a time.

The inner game at the heart of alternative lifestyling therefore, even more enticing and fulfilling than the business of making my story work, is the set-up. This is the only true alternative. To move beyond the achievement based paradigm. It doesn’t always have to be about becoming. Sometimes it is simply about being. And the story disappears. But this -what this is – doesn’t sell newspapers!

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